A bit about the human behind Giant Eye

Giant Eye creator, Bradley Cox, welcomes you to his ever-evolving photography portfolio. He has been photographing people and landscapes for nearly ten years and enjoys every moment of it. In his youth his father gifted him a camera and he has been hooked to the magical device ever since. And it truly is magic, as evidenced in the authentic splendor emanating out of each piece. Bradley finds joy in collaborating with all types of people and sees it as a way to step into a fresh creative space that is both energizing and rewarding. He has a knack for making his subjects feel at ease in an otherwise contrived and often awkward environment. “It’s already tough for most folks to meet someone new and immediately have a camera in front of their face. I like to think I am a calm and patient person who genuinely enjoys interacting with people.” His photos say it all—Bradley’s soothing temperament tends to relax his clients so that the images take on a natural feel, one that so many viewers are subconsciously drawn to. His ability to connect and seamlessly interact with his subjects whilst producing beautiful portraits set him apart from other photographers. 

​A large part of his artistic passion is conceptual. “I dream and write what I want to see at a particular place. I find the person or the person finds me and we move through the environment together” as if the narrative is born through the unintended interactions of the subject and the man behind the Giant Eye. In essence, each happenstance, be it effervescent or heavyhearted, tells a story that is devoid of words and instead is replaced with visual dreamscapes and scenes from his imagination, those yet to be actualized and are sitting dormant, awaiting the moment they can come to fruition. 



From my very first correspondence with Bradley he put my fears of being photographed at ease. Being usually pretty camera shy, I felt surprisingly calm and confident while working with Bradley. He has a down to earth, sweet, empathic and professional demeanor that is a pleasure to be around. He gave me gentle suggestions and encouragements while giving me freedom to be natural. I’m so happy with my photos and would love to work with him again.     


Coming from someone who cannot tolerate being in front of a camera, I will still say my experience with Bradley was absolutely wonderful. I've never liked any photos of myself past the age of 'cute kid'. The photos I got back from Giant Eye are simply stunning!


I contacted Giant Eye for some headshots  for work and my personal business. I knew I didn't want any sterile and boring photos to represent my business. I had no idea I could be a part of such creative portraits! I absolutely love the colors and richness in all of Bradley's photography and especially in the photos we made together.


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