Welcome to my ever changing portfolio of photography! I’ve been photographing people and landscapes for nearly ten years now and enjoy every minute of it. Early on in my youth my pops handed me down a camera and I’ve been hooked with this magical device ever since. I really enjoy collaborating with people - meeting someone new and stepping into the world of photography together has kept me so creatively energized. I believe my favorite and most heard compliment has been that I somehow make everyone feel so comfortable right away. It’s already tough for most folks to meet someone new and immediately have a camera in front of their face. I like to think I’m a calm and accepting person who genuinely enjoys interacting with people. I strongly believe that 'natural feel' everyone loves so much in their pictures comes from the ability of the photographer and client to be able to interact well together. I hope to continually offer that freedom through an easy-going and exciting photographic experience!

A big passion of mine in all of this is the conceptual side of photography. I dream and write what I want to see at a particular place - I find the person or the person finds me and we move together to the environment. I am so very grateful to everyone who has been so interested in creating this kind of photography magic. To be able to display my true passion of story-telling - word play with images or scenes has been a dream come true.

Outside of of the lens, I enjoy my days hiking about this new (to me) California terrain with my spotted pup Buddha and making the rhythm for all things melody. Everyday I am subtly scouting new locations for shoots. I  can’t help but freeze in my tracks and watch a landscape form in front of me. It hits me - this is a place, a place which  is beautiful with or without a human standing amongst it. I love to read about times not like our own. Call me an old soul like the rest - I would have done well one hundred years ago. Gardening and homesteading is just as much a part of me as this wonderful world of photography. I’m a promoter of getting your hands dirty and taking care of this life that sustains us.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through my work! I hope to hear from you sometime. There is nothing that can pause time better than a photograph of you or your family. A photograph for that instant - the moment you were then and to hold and remember the rest of your days.

- Bradley Cox | Giant Eye Photography



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