Valley Ford, CA

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Prints available in all sizes below. 

I custom make all framing options. Pictured above are two of the available styles. The first example is a 'Pop Out' frame: the print is mounted on a 1/4" foam board and adhered to a hardwood trim frame to the back. This style creates a 'pop out' effect off the wall with no visible wood exposed from the front. 

The other example above is a full custom backing and trim version. It is made of 1/4" hardwood ply for the back and 1x2" hardwood for the trim pieces. The print is also mounted on the foam board to give it stability. The print sits off the ply creating a shadow box effect. These frames are much more labor intensive and are priced a bit higher.

*Contact me if you have any special instructions for printing or would like a quote on another sized print in a frame or another wall art option. I can also print on foam board, canvas, poster paper, metal.  

I personally order each request - If you'd like to know what the frames look like or alternative hanging options contact me before making your order - I got some tricks up my sleeve. 

Also, If you've seen a photograph of mine you want printed that you don't see here in the 'Prints' section - feel free to request another photograph you've seen elsewhere. 

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