Found a friend in you

It feels like a world away. I moved out to the West from that Mid-West eight months ago. Remember those times changing schools growing up where you had to say goodbye to your best friends and family you knew to go off and re-root somewhere else. I’m here to tell you that feeling doesn’t go away.. at least not with me. Starting anew - living on one of the ‘edges of the world’. Arriving in this unique and windy valley looking around to the desolate landscape - it was quite the change. Where were all the leaves? The shade? The humidity? I thought California had forests. Little did I know, so new to California, I was in a very diverse landscape. This new terrain started to grow on me and I began to love the place I fell asleep and the humans that surrounded me. An hour in either direction and I could be in completely different places. I found the trees. I found Occidental. With a set of wheels I’m planning to find more. 

Still I miss the humans I once saw daily. The place where my inspiration with photography came again. Those same Indiana forests I’ve known all my life woke up new color in my thinking. Beginning to see landscapes change and shapes of the underbrush coming to life. Add my friends standing amongst it all and you have my portfolio. The photograph above is of my good friend Jon in focus and my good friend Michaele a bit fuzzy there. I miss these two and a few others a whole lot. 

darkness as who a mess up

Never once did I tell myself you must have this piece of lens or this computer to be better. Stubborn as I came I’ll stick with what comes naturally and learn with what tools I have. I was handed an old Sears 35mm camera before being called a teen. I believe that was the same time I wanted to be the director of photography in those moving films. 

Alright Alright..

The first photograph above was shot on the camera below. It was one of my first rolls of medium format film I have ever shot. I’m not one to be on either side of the digital/film debate. I believe they are both beautiful in their own right. I will tell you underexposing film vs. digital can make a much more appetizing effect. That grain is thick and is a reminder to me that a mess or a fuzz is a damn beautiful thing. So little light that hits you may be just enough.

 I’d like to get away from I’s but I never was much of a writer. What I saw couldn’t be described in a few paragraphs. The power of a photograph to tell you so much and say so little. Mind you I’m sure all the gibberish I’ll scribble below a photograph guides you through the image. Words can hold your nervous little hands. Words can help open your eyelids wider seeing outside your tunnel.

 I started a Patreon account and failing miserably at consistent updates. What the hay, let me start another thing to ignore. Maybe eye won’t this time. 

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